Mexico! Pig Nation…part 69

Ola!!!!!! figured I’d keep my mouth shut for awhile vis a vis Zapata Texas outrage…and no doubt the Cartels showing they can murder with impunity, snuffed and decapitated the Mexican investigator shows, illuminates, underlines and magnifies how corrupt and impotent the Pig Nation is….

Ya, ya, your Canadian Embassy already sent the RCMP to my house because you are soooooooooooo offended by my verbage but, you as a nation, specifically police, politicians, your so called esteemed army etc….have obviously slept with pigs for so long that not only do you have their fleas you have their vermin….you are a repugnant nation and I hope every dollar to your country evaporates over night…we don’t need your oil, hell we don’t even need your weed…we don’t need nothing from you….and other than your beautiful music and artists you have nothing to offer us but misery, disceit and pain….respectfully yours, Andy from Canada


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