Skittles my Defender

My Skittles was prowling around the house protecting us from Hob Goblins, mice, poltergeist and he did a good job.  He found none….but lo and behold what did he spy at my back screen patio door which was locked by the way, but a big old tom cat….staring in….well Skittles launched full forward attack, scared the tomcat away, but his claws were stuck in the screen and stupid me, while he was still in protection mode went nuts on me for interrupting his guardian duty and suffice it to say, I will never ever ever step between my dear little Skittles protecting his/our property….it would be much like separating an airborne soldier, you know the Van Doo’s from their beer….LOL LOL…..ya I lost blood in both cases, but I’m ok and Skittles was so sweet afterwards….little Skittles proved himself to be a real pitbull but he is sweet as anything…and as I said before he has loved and licked my hand to make sure I’m ok….so that is my latest Skittles story….big things come in small packages so they say, even furry little black and white ones when they are protecting their territory…..well meow meow meow meow, Andy from Canada


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