Dr Jack Van Impe you are right…the end times are here…

Hi Dr. Van Impe and hello Rexella,

I, Andy Stephen from Ottawa Canada at 12:32 EST on the 4th of November, 2010, totally agree with you as of now that indeed the end times are near….with all these repugnant and amorel reality shows I have long called them stupid porn and stupid supercillious shows…..now, as of December the 5th….they are now springing another one on us….the David Hasselhoff reality show…you remember, that drunken wasted wastrell lying on the floor embarrassing and humiliating his own daughter…..that is what is going on on television these days?  Whatever happened to the Gary Coopers, the Henry Fondas, the Clark Gables, the James Cagneys of the world?  Those were real actors, who all these years later I still enjoy….anyways, Doctors Jack and Rexella wishing you the best, hope you can use this for an idea on one of your shows….if you are going to use it, the idea that is, get back to me via this blog asap….much brotherly love in Christ, Andy from Canada….


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