Newest Skittles Cat Update!!!!!! Skittles vs. Ginger Cat!!!

Well Dear Readers, as you can imagine Skittles has gotten older since we last talked so he is bigger, stronger, and bolder.  One day while I was watching TV beside my patio door that faces the back door Skittles was sitting beside me looking out the backyard and darned if I didn’t hear this real loud and low rumblings that reminded me of a lion in Africa.  Then he jumped across my lap and started scratching at the glass window of the patio door.  Meowing really loud and low, I was scared….what got into that cat!  What indeed, got into my cat!  So I looked over to the outside and there was this big ginger pretty pretty cat…but he was enormous…and he sat down in the middle of the yard and both of them meowed at each other very loudly….it kind of reminded me of the 3 pigs and the wolf story….you know I’ll huff and I’ll puff and I’ll blooooow your house down……so anyways after more than 10 minutes of this huffing and puffing Skittles walked away from the patio door meowing triumphantly, jumped back on the sofa, lay down beside me and purred, and I looked outside and the big fat ginger cat lumbered out the backyard….so Dear Readers, is there a lesson in this?  yes indeed there is…’s not the size of the cat in the fight, it’s the meow that gives them fright…and Skittles won the day!  One more for the little guy!  Peace Out…Andy from Ottawa….


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