Why I hate short people!

Dear Readers, at 55 I’m supposed to be long in tooth and all mellowed out (surviving the 60s/70s LOL) however today while I was shopping with my wife I heard the most irritating voice of a person I used to work with since 1979…..yes, I am 6 foot 2 inches, 250 pounds, and yes, I understand why small people have the Nepolianic complex but this one guy amplified way over any register.  I swear after parking my patrol car in the garage and walking into our lounge room with TV blaring on one side and the card players on the other because Cops love eucher…you could be sure this scrawny little troll whose father was high up in the police force was the only voice I am sure that could be heard through that entire level of the building….hooting and hollering, smashing his fists on the table, yelling and laughing, the entire gambit….but, I never said anything….I would just walk away…and go upstairs to the cafeteria…I never liked the guy anyways….so I was never near him….anyways, now, …..damned if I didn’t hear that same irritating shrill, in a grocery store as he was accompanying some species of a female who I guess was damned to put up with him….and as he turned the corner of an aisle he was so self absorbed and loud we passed without him even recognizing me….and at 55 here he is a little mini mouse with a shaved bald head and a mustache hasn’t changed a thing, hasn’t learned a thing….and pardon the pun…hasn’t grown up….his initials are EW…..with an S on the end…still blown away after all these years….Andy from Ottawa.


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