My latest Skittles Story

You won’t believe this Dear Readers, this is the absolute truth…where I spend most of the time in the house, sitting on my sofa watching TV, I have a big side table beside me with my glasses, my cigarettes and paper, an assortment of pens and pencils, a small calendar, my prescriptions, a small cuticle set in an egg shaped case and a box of kleenex.  Ok, fast forward to two days ago, on that night I accidently closed my bedroom door as I was going to bed and I guess Skittles got really very very very angry….and because I have a bedroom fan I wouldn’t have been able to hear him meouw…well the next morning when I went downstairs the entire, AND I MEAN THE ENTIRE, end table contents were all scattered on the floor, Skittles was perched on myside of the sofa where I sit and he glared at me…seeing Skittles looking like that expecting my arrival kind of reminded me when Clarisse first met Hanibel Lecter…it was that eiery….it was  that freaky…ya, we are limited by our 5 senses but cats have it way over on us, they have at least a few more, those cunning little things….peace out, meouw Andy.


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