David Utman – Well a lot of attention finally…

Well Dear Readers, finally getting a lot of readers concerning my taser 1, 2, 3 stories, which are centered around the outrage and tragedy of the David Utman murder.  As you know full well a certain officer OPD had much to do with getting the ball rolling to David’s demise.  My last word on this, due to the incredible amount of hits in a such a short time, I will mention here and now if any of this and past postings are going to be held up to use against me, boy oh boy, will they open a pandoras box on themselves and as they know for a long time the press hung on my every word.  Listened and blasted on the publics and yes, my, behalf.  So beware of that pandoras box.  Andy from Ottawa.

p.s. so in other words, OPD think twice before thinking of biting my tail.


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