A Weird Wacky Skittles Story…Skittles the Bath Cat!!!!

Dear Readers and Fans of Skittles, my crazy little black and white menace….anyways, to make a long story short….the other day, I was taking my annual bath (I believe in baths once a year that way your body builds up enough antibodies to kill any germs so you don’t need all those drugs)….and as I was laying on my back bored out of my gord, I hear Skittles screaming at the top of his lungs looking for me downstairs…I called out to him and he dashed upstairs to the bathroom smashed the door open with his head, and he jumped into the bathtub onto my chest….now we will pause here….imagine what I have just told you….now flash forward….cat’s hate water….Skittles jumped into a bath because I was there…well Dear Readers when he jumped onto my chest and realized his paws were suddenly soaken wet he was off like a shot and as he slowly left the bathroom and for almost 1/2 day he was shaking his paws, all 4 of them naturally, independently to get all the water off….it was so funny….it’s too bad once again, that I don’t have a permanent home video following Skittles that I could submit so many funny stories to some television show….anyways, both Skittles and I are both recovering well from the trauma of our once a year bath….it’s a horrible thing…I think I’m going to wait until 2013 for our next bath…is that not fair Dear Readers?  I think Skittles will be over it be then, I know I’m not….all the best…Andy from Ottawa.


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