Yet another true crazy Skittles story…unbelievable!

Dear Readers, today is February 26th, Saturday….I was going to hold off on recounting this yet another, of crazy Skittles stories and his most audacious and hilarious episodes….anyways, I will title this one Skittles versus the German Luftwaffe…and this is how is went down…Wednesday or Thursday in the afternoon, I was watching the History Channel, saw one of my favorite WWII movies called Twelve O’Clock High 1949 with Gregory Peck…I’m sure you are familiar with the movie…it’s about the story about a plane called the Picadilly Lilly and how they and a squadron of bombers have to fly and fight their way in and out of Germany.  Well to make a long story short, I do have a sofa that is very close to my television console and Skittles was watching the movie with me, but he was sitting on his sofa by the TV and I was sitting on my far away sofa…then he starts swatting the screen with his paws and I could hear scritch scritch scritch with his claws on the TV screen….then I realize he is attacking the Germans who are flying and fighting against the USA plane….to be honest, I had another cat that used to do that and he too was a wise and funny cat….anyways, at last count I believe it was Skittles 11, Luftwaffe zero… cat wins again….teehee teehee…have a good day, Andy from Ottawa…


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