Charlie Sheen! Yes you are Special!

Hey Charlie, I hope you RSVP ASAP because I am a fan of yours and your Father’s for a very long time.  I always have been ie. your Father in Apocolypse Now and you in Platoon, always loved you Charlie….but getting serious here…if you call those 2 women Goddesses, honest to God Charlie, you must be using binoculars or some other form of gynecological eyewear or should I say spyware…LOL LOL….and as for you, being a special person….you got me beat Bro….you are indeed a special person with special needs…and I am not disparaging mentally challenged people when I say this to you….you disparage them….by your very existance and misbehaviour….anyways, still a fan…hope you can slime your way out of this one because I am a fan, peace out, Andy from Ottawa.


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