Skittles Fans, would you believe it? Yet another Zowy Wowy Freaky Skittles Story…

Dear Skittles Fans,

Today is the 4th of April and I have to admit last night I spoiled and indulged myself on my own favorite meal for supper…that was, a tin of 10 highly marinated and spiced grape leaves aka Dulmas, I have no idea how many cloves of garlic that I store in olive oil and half a large jar of artichoke hearts…..hmmm…well, you can guess what all that spice and oil was roiling, churning, turning and doing to my innards…..well, it was all Skittles fault…as soon as I went to the bathroom this morning, Skittles on his volition, no force, no cohersion, followed me into the bathroom and while he was rubbing and purring and twirling about didn’t he do the most silliest thing….HE CLOSED THE BATHROOM DOOR…well anyways Dear Readers, with much methane noise and biodegradeable matter and even more methane Skittles was so sorry!!!!!!!!! He was literally and I kid you not, literally lying on his side trying to sniff fresh air from the bottom of the bathroom door…I admit I am embarrassed to tell you such graphic details, but you should have seen my out of breath hyper-ventilating Skittles….needless to say, before the door was even open 1/2 an inch after I was done…Skittles was gone….much love to y’all…purr from Skittles, Andy from Ottawa


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