Israel, you’re provoked, yet they call for a cease fire

Israel, Israel, Israel, what are you to do?  Just heard on CNN news at 3 o’clock p.m. EST, Sunday the 10th of April, that those oh so glorious warriors who launch rockets into your cities finally provoke your response, and they bleat…..We want a cease fire!  God, Israel, thank God you’re a strong people….thank goodness for your patience….because if you responded like Dayan, ya, you would have eliminated them….but you would have the neo-facists states of the EU and everyone else, except Canada and the USA jumping to their defence….regardless of their numerous murderous provocations….if you can use a 56 year old ex-cop to work in a kibbutz to free up a healthy Sabra to fight or for that matter, me to fight send me an airline ticket….Shalom, best to you all, love and respect for your country and people, Andy from Ottawa…


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