Steve Earle…still the loser eh?

Steve, this is crazy Andy from Ottawa…we met in 91 and 92 in Ottawa and that was back when you were cool….you were brilliant, creative way beyond belief, loud and proud, and your life obviously proved your life set….which was learn, earn, and return i.e. to the public…..ok….so you gave up drugs, you gave up booze, and you evidently you gave up a shit load of friends and muses….who had inspired you….so for the past couple of years former fans were left gagging with the new Steve Earle…..a muted, castrated, college professor with a guitar, no band….today, I saw on the newscrawler, April 25, 2011, that you were deeply affected by Merle Haggard’s, I image, gravestone ephitaph and that’s what made you recover….p.s. Steve….detox is for quitters, abstinance is for quitters, so get real Steve….get back to your old real self and you might get mega rich, like you were before….yes, yes, I know…you still have to pay over 60 thousand dollars a month child support for all your kids…remember you told me that Steve back in 91?  so you would be mega rich again if you ever returned to your real self….alas, back when you were cool and I called you friend…..Andy from Ottawa…


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