All about Andy Stephen, born in Montreal in 1955, moved to Ontario in 1970.  University educated, Ex-Cop, volunteered in homeless shelter and food kitchens for 13 years off and on.  (The in between time was because I was too popular, even more so than the staff running the place because I understood and talked their talk and walked their walk).  Since then I had a very bad motorcycle accident where I was run over by a drunk driver and left with severe head injury, semi paralyzed and currently live on CPP.  So you can see what a great system we got with our medical system, insurance system, and our government.  In the United States I would be a multi-millionaire just on that alone.  Anyways, I have always written, created, had lucid dreams and premonitions.  That proved to me my creative and enlightened side that I reveal to all now if they care to accept it……….Signing out, always remember the humility of understanding……Peace Out Andy 🙂


5 responses to “About

  1. patiop77

    Hey there Mister Andy,
    Pat & Paul here, looking thru your blog, writing is great therapy and great entertainment for us.
    Keep it up (the writing I mean)….


  2. Andy Stephen

    Hello there Pat and Paul…..appreciate your message, fidelity and understanding of my messages, meanderings, musings, stories and sometimes even thoughts! Glad to have you on my side, message anytime….and if I screw up on a story and make it boring be sure to be the first two people to spank me on my bum with a bunch of wet noodles…..I would have been a bad boy then…hahahaha caught you laughing……Much respect….keep in touch, Peace Out, Andy…. 🙂

  3. patiop77

    THank you for the kind message today, much appreciated.

    Hugs to you both….P&P

  4. patiop77

    Hola Andy! were back from sunny Cuba, great holiday, good food, great Mojito’s, great cigars!!!
    Now it’s back to reality buddy, gotta start earning our keep….

    See you soon….P&P

  5. sstorm0730

    I write for therapy, too. MS is hard on the hands, so typing and thinking seem to help. I am glad we don’t have your health care system…yet. All the best to you. Good blog.


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