Liz Taylor RIP….CNN do not saturate us….

CNN, I address you specifically, please respect us, the public, enough that yes, we all loved and will miss Liz Taylor….she died at 79….she had a helluva lot of fun…and joy and success that few could ever imagine….now please do not saturate your airwaves for over a week non-stop about Liz.  Oh, and coincidently, was it not 2 days ago in Iraq that a US Soldier was killed by an IED and you only reported it on the bottom of the news crawler and you never mentioned his name.  Let’s get a little fairness here.  Heroes or Stars?  I think you know where I’m going on this.  Stars have had their time…most of them…too much of it….but what about your 5000 Heroes that gave their lives in Iraq and Afganistan and soon I’m afraid…Libyia…yours, Andy from Canada.


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