USA….this one is for the Pres Obama…aka Mr. Rush to Judgement…

by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Dear Pres, ok, you want to send in thousands of more troops to Afghanistan, your predecessor left you one helluva mess in Iraq but thankfully your troops suicide rates are down in Iraq…isn’t that good?  Up here in Canada we have no idea of your total American losses in Iraq….the last I heard it was months upon months ago at 4342 so I guess you are censoring your losses there….now, moving to Afghanistan a lot of losses there too I understand….I think around 800….remarkable that the American propaganda machine never releases either of the casualty figures…so I guess it is because of the post Viet Nam demoralizing effect…but, your suicide rates are higher in Afghanistan now as compared to Iraq….now I am not for one Montreal moment insulting your intelligence by asking this….what does that tell you Pres Rush to Judgement?… you are oozing out of Iraq why do you not just crack the whip and get out of two ingrate nations who have no use for you, consider you the Holy Crusaders Part Deux or maybe even Part Trois…get the hell out of where you are not wanted….and spend all those hundreds of billions on your health care program for your own citizens and be the true hero we all thought and were hoping and certainly expecting that you would be….so in all respect and to close…the world held high hopes for you when you were sworn in in January to that sacred office…I myself watched it live on CNN and lit up one of my expensive Cuban cigars and drank a fine glass of Spanish red wine…..but you disappointed me Man….I don’t know what is going to happen in 2012 or whenever your next election is….I am sure the rubes and the minions let alone the intelligensia will do at that time…much love and respect to your brave Men and Women in the Armed Services…do right by them! ….as the slang goes….yours Andy from Ottawa, Canada


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